Malawi Update!

So, first things first: sorry for the super lack of updates! I have been able to grab a bit of good internet, and I want to quickly update you on the things that have been happening here in Malawi.

Lectures! We’ve finished our lecture phase now. We had so much good teaching, which included a lot of challenges and I have grown so much as a person and as a Christian. A few weeks ago we learned about God’s love for us as a father, and that was a really tough week for some people who had fathers that had done bad things to them, abandoned them, etc. We were taken through loving and forgiving them, since we place the image of our fathers over our image of God, and if you think your father is an angry, unforgiving person, then you also believe that of God. Thankfully, I have been blessed with awesome parents who love me so that week was more about me learning and experiencing God’s love for me more than processing my feelings towards my own parents.

On Tuesday last week we had a devotion about giving being a blessing and that God calls us to give, and then we had a chance to practically carry that out on Thursday! A giving night was organised for Thursday that we were told about on Tuesday after the devotion, so we had two days to think and pray about what we would give and who we would give it to. All the students and all the staff that were on the base took part. It was an amazing night and so many people were blessed – not just the receivers, but also the givers. A lot of the students and staff are Malawian and so don’t have a lot of money or possessions, but they gave what they could and it was beautiful to see. People were given Bibles, books, a kindle, clothes, mobile (cell) phones, money to help towards the outreach phase starting tomorrow, and so much more. Along with giving something to someone, the giver also prayed for the person they were giving to. God told me to give away my laptop, so as of the 15th of February next year, I will no longer have a laptop. I will do my best to update my blog before then so that you know what happened during my 8 weeks of outreach! My laptop is going to a couple here that give free computer lessons to people, because their laptop is full of viruses and just breaking apart. It will also help them to write their newsletters and keep their families, friends and others that support them financially and in prayers updated. It was such a joy to see so many people blessed – one of the Malawian staff was promised money for his first passport and first plane ticket, as God is calling him to go to other countries in the future. A passport and plane ticket are really expensive, and he just cried. I almost cried too! All in all, that night was really special and just reminded me of how blessed I am and how much I can use what I have to bless others.

Outreach starts tomorrow (Monday)! I will be going to Tanzania for 4 weeks, then to another YWAM base in Malawi for 2 weeks, and finally will be in another place (I have no idea if it’s a town or a village or what) for the last two weeks. Very little has actually been planned in advance as to what we will do, apart from that we have a minimum number of hours of prayer, worship and evangelism each week in order to graduate. This is to allow us as students to learn to lead and also to give space to the Holy Spirit to lead us into what he wants us to do. YWAM is all about flexibility and challenges! The students have been split into 4 teams, and my team of 7 + 2 leaders has a special focus on ministering to the church. So every Sunday, and possibly during the week, we’ll see how things pan out! we will be going to (I assume) a different church to just encourage them in their faith and walk with God. We’re praying that they will just experience the love and power of God in a new way, and that they will feel refreshed. Healings and prophecies are on the agenda as well! During the week, we will also be meeting with kids, youth and women, to both encourage them and to share the love of God with them. There will also be other things going on, but, again, nothing set in stone. We’ll have lots of fun and games with the kids – and that includes dancing! The Africans just love to dance and it’s so easy to join in. As a white person, I end up with a big crowd of kids watching me, so I’ve had to get used to an audience, but it’s really fun. There will also be other things going on, but, again, nothing set in stone.

While I’m away for those 8 weeks, I doubt I’ll be able to get internet access. And when I do, parents always come first! Your prayers are always welcome, and if you guys could especially pray that I would be able to love my team even when I’m tired and frustrated and irritated that would be great. I know that it’s going to be a challenge when I’m doing something I’m not comfortable with, or when I wanted to do something else, so prayer for that is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for being interested in my time out here, and again I’m so sorry about the lack of updates and information!


2 thoughts on “Malawi Update!

  1. Linda Fisher says:

    Elina, it is so exciting to hear what God is doing in your life, especially through this DTS! I will pray for you while you’re on outreach, and look forward to hearing about it when you get back. I will also pray about you managing the diabetes! Blessings to you!

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